Have Scientist Failed Us?

Scientists generally insist that all phenomena can be described, in principle, in terms of measurable quantities which can be calculated using simple mathematical laws, thus reducing the universe to a mechanism and humans to complex sub mechanisms whose will and feeling correspond nothing more than patterns of chemical interaction among molecules. The vast majority of these scientists are bent on eliminating the concept of God from all descriptions of reality and its creation. However, the question remains can we describe every phenomena with numbers and chemical equations? Can we control the effects of our own inventions? Are we drowning in our innovations?

With the invention of automobiles, air pollution is threatening humanity, the industrial revolution has brought air and water pollution, the green revolution has introduced innumerable poisons into our food system, advances in physics have brought about the nuclear threat and possible holocaust, appliances and other modern amenities have inadvertently spawned drunkenness and obesity with urbanization the breakdown of morals, ethics and mental stability.

Even with the advances in medical cures, new and incurable diseases have only increased. It seems that the goals of knowledge and pleasure have not yet been achieved.

It is often found that scientists are biased in their search for the truth, giving preference to evidence which supports their desired thesis and unscientifically rejecting alternative theories as unsuitable without proper consideration. Is it true though?

The Creation Theory

Although scientists are subject to the four defects of all human race, namely, bhrama, pramada, vipralipsa and karanapatava, (their mistakes, are subject to illusion, have cheating propensity and defective perception), their findings when presented with some sort of verifiable experimental proof, are accepted as factual descriptions of reality. (Science and God.) This means that the creation theory is heavily based on the four defects of humans.

Theories of creation, formulation of life and evolution cannot be adequately proven and they do not produce substantial evidence in describing  the reality. Scientists have not provided us with adequate answers to the fundamental questions about the universe, galaxies, supernovas, string theory, cosmology, upper dimensions among others.

It is too often that scientists forcibly assume that their laboratory experimental evidence can be applied elsewhere under undocumented circumstances. In addition to that, almost all currently accepted theories of Evolution and Creation are unverifiable and often contradicted by reliable evidence. It becomes more interesting when concepts such a consciousness, a creator intelligence and soul are introduced as viable concepts, the scientists demand that they be detectable by experimentation.

Proper Science Education

The purpose of the Educational System dated back from the era of Pyramids in Egypt and Laws of Moses was to teach people to live. In the 20th and 21st Centuries the purpose of education as documented and perceived, is to teach students how to solve the problems of life, yet educators are simply propagating how to increase one’s entanglement in this material world by economic development and sensory enjoyment. How to use science and engineering to make us more secure and comfortable. CCTV cameras to monitor our environment, nuclear weapons to rule others who do have the technology, computer programming to trust a single micro chip with the lives of entire human race etc. We do not find a department in the universities which teaches what is the actual goal of life.  And what is the results of this.

1. We have taller buildings but shorter temples.

2. We spend more but earn less

3. We have wide freeway but narrower viewpoint.

4. We buy more but enjoy less.

5. We have bigger houses but smaller families.

6. We have more convenience but less time.

7. We have more degree by less sense.

8. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values.

9. We talk much, love too seldom and hate too often.

10. We have learned to make a living but not life.

11. We have added years to life but not life to years.

12. We have been all the way to the moon and back but have trouble crossing tract to meet new neighbours.

13. We have split the atom but not our prejudice.

14. We have higher income but lower morals.

15. These are times of all kinds of food but less nutrition.

16. More medicine but less health.

The Failure of Science

In mathematics, which underlies all other branches of science, the is an imaginary number “i” ( the square root of -1 ) is essential in for most complex theoretical calculations.  However this imaginary number cannot be proven by experimentation. It is also not possible to prove by experimentation the Third Law of Thermodynamics or Heisenberg’s Uncertainty  Principle. Yet these principles are absolutely essential in modern scientific theories.

In the beginning of the 19th Century, it was believed that atoms are the smallest particles in an element that cannot be subdivided. In the 20th Century, subatomic particles such as neutrons, protons and electrons were discovered. Newtonian mechanics was accepted as the scientific explanation of reality until it was discovered in the 20th Century that it failed to describe the motion of these subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics was devised to cope with this inadequacy. The Theory of relativity was also devised by Albert Einstein to help further explain fundamental concepts.

Because General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics appear to contradict each other, Quantum Field Theory was developed. So we can clearly see that the evolving theories of the scientists are constantly changing as they scramble to adjust these theories. They can never be perfect because the scientist themselves are imperfect and subject to the four defects of humans.. With our limited knowledge, tiny brains, limited experience and resources we cannot hope to understand the unlimited.

The Big Bang Theory

Having been cornered, scientists generally support the Big Bang Theory of creation, which postulates that in the beginning of creation all the matter in the universe was concentrated into a single point of mass at higher temperatures which them exploded producing super heated cloud of sub atomic particles. However this initial condition is mathematically indescribable. A point of infinitesimal circumference and infinite density is called a “singularity.” – an impossibility.

This means that scientists should be convicted of the crime of making unverifiable supernatural claims, just as what they accuse the transcendental saint of doing. Various Big Bang theories led to a stage of uniformly distributed gas which is expanding. Again, what happens after that is the subject of further speculation and has not been properly explained.

Life from Chemicals

Scientists have long theorized that life emerged from a primordial chemical soup without direction of any higher organizing principles. They theorize that simple molecules randomly combine into inconceivably complex organic compounds which again evolve into higher self-reproducing organisms. How any of this happens is yet to be explained. James Watson, co-discoverer od the DNA molecule wrote, “not only will the exact structure of most macromolecules within the cell remain unsolved, but their relative locations within cells may only be vaguely known”

The great question is: How can inert matter, acting according to simple physical laws alone generate the remarkable molecular machinery found in even the simplest cell?

The simplest of all!

Scientists claim that electrons in a conductor flow in the opposite direction to the flow of current. While current is the rate of flow of Charges. How can they be flowing in opposite directions?


Scientists are obsessed with the concept that complex life forms have evolved progressively form simple building blocks. However, direct experience shows just the opposite, that complex forms actually originate form even more complex forms.
I suggest that a body of knowledge does not exist which provides sufficient explanation of the nature and origin of the universe and living organisms that inhabit it.


Credit to Swami B. B. Visnu

Based on the video Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge


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