Wyckliffe Wyckliffe [Scientist. Entreprenuer. Computer Programmer. Educator. Learner. Dreamer]

2014 – Public understanding of Science Symposium Colombo Sri Lanka
2014 – Scientific Research Storing Renewable energy in Chemical Bonds
2013 – Scientific Research The Orange peel Mystery
2013 – South African Science olympiad
2011 – National Science congress Competition Voi Kenya
2011 – National young scientist parliamentary Nairobi Kenya

Computer Programmer.
2014 Microsoft Imagine Cub Windows 8.1 Applications
2013 University of Nairobi Google Student Ambassador
2013 Udacity 101 Webcrawler Design challenge

2013 – 2015 African Leadership Academy
2012 – 2013 University of Nairobi
2012 – 2013 Diamond Opportunity Trust Campus
2010 – 2011 Gavudunyi Secondary school

Founder CEO Young African Innovators
Director of Operations Agrinovation
Associate Zquka Foundation
Founder Wycase Educators

B.S. M.S. , M.A. , PhD., Sc. D Chemical Engineering
Teach kids science
When years turn my vision dim and grey, I shall be seeing beauty in the tired wrinkles of my face and shall take comfort out of the fact that when I was given an opportunity, I did all I could to empower my people to exploit their opportunities and realize their full potential on the road to economic, social and political prosperity


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