If …………………………..
1. To you the Mercedes Benz looks like an eclipsed conformation.
2. The first thing you reach for in the morning is your prescription safely glasses.
3. Someone offers you acid, but it’s not what you expected.
4. You say it’s the size that matters, but you’re really talking about molecular radii.
5. You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.
6. You hear the word ‘Molar’ and teeth is the last thing on your mind.
7. You habitually wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER using the restroom.
8. You know what saline water is composed of.
9. You hear that someone had a bicycle crash and you think he couldn’t handle working with naphthalene.
10. You stare at the bottle of water and begin to wonder how you would separate all those ions.
11. When a friend offers you a glass of amaretto after dinner, you sip and say “Ahh, Benzaldehyde…”
12. You look at a hexagonal-shaped cookie and think of benzene, not a hexagon.
13. I and Me can be iodine and methyl
14. The stick figures you draw are carbon not people.
15. When you are humming “dilution is the solution to pollution” while looking at a urinal
16. You use conical flask to make tea.
17. You use two stirring rods as chopsticks
18. You use the magnetic stirrer as a mixer for your drinks.
19. You do not say table sugar but call it sucrose, and you call common salt as sodium chloride.
20. Someone says, “I love U” and you think they are talking about Uranium!
21. You use coke not for drinking, but for cleaning the toilet.
22. Milli is a prefix, not a girl’s name.
23. You cannot watch a pharmaceutical commercial without correcting the pronunciations.
24. You become preoccupied thinking about the wave function of a duck.
25. You think about designing a container for a universal solvent.
26. You look at you palms and try to decide which is D and which is L.
27. You think mathematicians are less nerdy than physicists.
28. You worry about how they get Teflon to stick to the pan.
29. You think of the laboratory as “the real world”
30. Several of your friends remind you of John Forbes Nash, Jr. in the movie “A Beautiful Mind” – without the brilliance, of course.
31. You observe National Mole Day on 10/23, and even calculated the ‘mole second’
32. You think Chemistry if pHun.
33. You cannot stand the expression “A watched pot never boils’. It should boil. A watched pot and unwatched pot boil at EXACTLY the same rate.
34. You keep a picture of Madam Curie on your desk, and it turns on”
35. If you are able to see all that nature has to offer and appreciate by trying to catalyze a better ways of helping nature sustain its balance.
36. You start explaining the condensation of water vapour every time your soda can has water drops and people think water is coming out of the can.
37. You think a mole is a unit of amount, rather than a small furry animal in your lawn.
38. Instead of writing ozone you write O3
39. You start referring to the smell of nail polish remover as an acetone smell.
40. You understand these jokes and laughed at them.

Then you are a chemist and you should be following this blog.

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